Joe  Jacobs
High School Principal

Principal's Corner

September Article

                                                                                                                           September 26, 2016


 Dear Parents, Students and Friends,


As the new Principal of Prague High School, it is an honor to become a member of the Red Devil Community. During these past few weeks, I have had many interactions with parents, faculty, and students. From these conversations, it is clear there is a collegial partnership between all stakeholders to provide the best possible academic experience for our students. I look forward to fostering these relationships and working with the faculty to provide a positive educational environment for each child.

 I have spent over twenty years in education as an administrator and teacher.   During those years it has become evident that building relationships is one of the most important roles educators perform.   Prague High School will strive to foster these relationships by finding each student’s niche and providing them the opportunity to pursue their dreams for the future.   

 As a product of the Wichita Public School System, my life was deeply enhanced by my classroom teachers. Not only did they provide me a sound foundation, but they inspired me to realize that an education is more than just interacting with curriculum and books. 

Our greatest initiative will be to continue to work together to provide differentiated learning opportunities for each student and inspire and challenge our students with engaging experiences. I am confident, that together, we can make Prague High School an even better place for our students to learn and grow.



Joe Jacobs